Funky Fitness and Fun is a non for profit community interest company or CIC for short.  Members pay a monthly fee to access our service with their individual budget's or I.B.


Our members learn about the importance of keeping fit and healthy through various exercises and activities. Fitness sessions are provided by a team of highly qualified instructors, we try to increase peoples awareness to make better choices when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The group cook their own healthy meals from a variety of ingredients and try new and exciting meals each week.


Every month all the group including staff, volunteers and members, sit down and plan what they would like to do for future sessions and book the relevant professionals in if necessary. Over the years Funky Fitness and Fun has provided members with some amazing memories and great times.


The group is not just about keeping fit, trying new things,promoting independence, socialising, gaining confidence, meeting new friends or trying to eat healthily.


Its about having lots of FUN too.




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