Dog Training with Majik

Joanne has been having a great time dog training up in the nearby hills with our furry friend Majik the border collie. Joanne has been training recall, stay, sit, rollover and more. Carita has been bringing Majik into group sessions to meet and greet the members and staff. He's only two and a half and enjoys being around everyone at the group and playing with his toy outside.


Making the most of the good weather our members and staff led by Anita, Graham and Carita have been taking in the many sights and sounds of the Saddleworth hills and local walking trails.

Everyone really enjoys being outdoors in the fresh country air which boosts overall health fitness, and well-being.

Funky Wonder Walkers

Believe and Achieve Show

After weeks of hard work from all members and support staff were just getting the last bit of practice in before the big day. Show starts 11th and 12th May at 1.30pm at The Satellite Centre, Greenfield. The show will be being filmed and uploaded to our Youtube channel for anyone that can't make it on the day.

Lights, Camera, Action !

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